Understanding Early Pregnancy: Bleeding and Spotting

Being pregnant especially at the early stage could be exciting and at times, can be full of anxiety. From this time till the time of delivery, the pregnant woman will certainly pass through series of experiences as the pregnancy develops from one stage to another. For the purpose of this write up however, we will address some questions that center on signs and symptoms which every woman normally experience during pregnancy.

One funny experience a pregnant woman will notice is bleeding and it happens in the early stage. This may be a source of worry that can possibly lead to the end of the pregnancy or a sudden expulsion of the human fetus, although it may not mean that this ugly incidence could happen.

Medical research has it that nearly thirty percent of pregnancies do go through bleeding at their early stage and about fifty percent of this case often leads to a sudden end of the pregnancy, while the remaining fifty percent may not terminate the pregnancy.

Now, the question is what to do when bleeding occurs. In this case, you have to make use of sanitary pad in order to detect the type of bleeding it is. Secondly, don’t indulge in sex and then you will have to get in touch with medical personne family home organisationl. 

Here are some likely causes of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy. A strong reason may be due to a situation where some hormones try to prevent the monthly period but the period still lasts a little longer. Therefore, this experience may be something that seems to be your monthly cycle schedule but it just had to forcefully spill out some blood.


There is another case in which bleeding can occur before 12 days following the commencement of the pregnancy. Several pregnant women experience this type of blood spotting in different ways. To some, it may last for some hours while the remaining women may experience it for some days.

Again, this blood spotting could be experienced after sexual activity. This is so because the narrow end of the woman’s uterus could be soft. The advice here is that the newly conceived should stay away from sex until you consult your medical personnel. In addition, a disease in the organ concerned with the formation and discharge of the urine can possibly lead to blood spotting.

O yes, there can be complications that leads to bleeding during the early stage of pregnancy and this can lead to a sudden expulsion of the human fetus.

This is popularly known as ‘’miscarriage’’.  About fifty percent of women who suffer bleeding in the first three months often lose their pregnancy.

Do you want to know why this ugly experience happens? Well, here is the answer: first of all, I’ll like to state here that termination of pregnancy after bleeding happens when the body system suddenly resists the formation and growth of the fetus in the uterus.

Many at times, this sudden discontinuity of pregnancy happens around the first twelve weeks of conception.

The sign that indicates a possible miscarriage includes; blood spotting from the private part and then when you feel pains that are different from that which is experienced during monthly cycle. This can however be managed with the support of a doctor.

Another cause of miscarriage is when the pregnancy is placed in a different direction away from the womb. It could be in the stomach area or the cervix or even in the egg.


This situation is often referred to as ‘’Ectopic pregnancy’’. This abnormality though is very rare among pregnant women. It is unfortunate to note that the cause of this disorder could be as a result of a situation where fertilized eggs that are moving to the womb are being blocked in the fallopian tube.

Negative indications that could possibly lead to this abnormality include: when you experience pointed ache below the chest region and around the stomach area, pains that are different from that which is experienced during monthly cycle, symptoms can also be in form of little level of hormones that comes with pregnancy.

This disorder often affect the emotions of it’s victims due to the unpleasant experience it carries. It is professionally advised that you seek the intervention of a doctor during this period or after child delivery.

Going further, miscarriage can occur when abnormal and strange cells with their intercellular substance develop rather than the expected embryo. This condition is known as ‘’molar pregnancy’’. Though, it is considered to be a less factor responsible for bleeding in early pregnancies. 


The reason this disorder happens is as a result of complication which arise when the sperm and eggs mix in the process of fertilization.

It’s negative indication here could be an increase in the level of hormone that comes with pregnancy, difficulty in sensing the heart tone, high blood pressure, vomiting, at times, a very strange abnormality can result to this condition too.

In conclusion, whenever you notice bleeding in the early stage of your pregnancy, you have to first consult your doctor in order to prescribe a special scan that could assist in identifying the real problem. The tips I mentioned in this article serves as a caution. I strongly advice you meet with your doctor whenever you discover any disorder.

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